Tarot Course Testimonials

Awakening Tarot Course Testimonials

Some testimonials from people who have studied with Oephebia.

Learning how to read tarot with Oephebia was a real joy. It is correct to say ‘a real joy’, but the course is not for the faint hearted! You have to work. You need to apply yourself, study, do the exercises and be prepared for the lessons. This is a rigorous and well-structured course that took me from recognising the pictures to having a strong knowledge of both major and minor arcana.

One of the great things Oephebia has done with the lessons is to develop not only my knowledge of the cards, but my intuition. You might come to the lessons having strong intuition, but no knowledge, so the course will help. And if you come with good knowledge but no intuition, it will help too.

I was encouraged, from the start, to get reading the cards. Oephebia showed me classic spreads as well as some she’d developed.

Another real joy of the lessons is how dedicated Oephebia is as a teacher. It’s clear she loves tarot and wants to pass on her very deep knowledge of the cards. Her knowledge of the RWS as well as other decks is very deep. Her intuition is also quite intimidating, so don’t make up excuses about why you didn’t do your homework!

This course will not be for everyone. You really need to dedicate time and energy to your study. Oephebia teaches tarot and expects you to learn as if you were learning any other subject. It’s a serious course and you need to be dedicated. The thing is, what you put in, you will get out double in return.

I feel I’ve learned the deck now. I can do fairly good readings and my intuition has developed tenfold since starting with Oephebia. If she ran a post-graduate course in tarot, I would sign up in the blink of an eye.

Oephebia won’t make you cry. She just expects high standards and dedication. She’s a really good person, is funny, cares deeply about the tarot and passing on her knowledge and expects the same from you.

I can’t recommend this course enough – it’s one of the best courses of study I’ve ever done.
Mark Chamberlain

Oephebia is a wonderful tarot reader and teacher, I did two tarot readings with her and then decided to take the private lessons, it took 6 months to complete the course.

It was a wonderful experience, not only that I learned how to read tarot, but more importantly it’s a self- development course, and I can see things more clearly around me.

Also, I have now 78 cards and they will be my best friends and guiding me through my lifetime.
Selina Wang

Just completed modules 1 & 2 of Oephebia's tarot course which I have to say has left me really excited for the advanced modules.

Oephebia is a grand master no doubt about it!
Her knowledge for all that is tarot is priceless.

My personal journey to the tarot has been made possible through Oephebia's 1 to 1 lessons at what I have to say is at a very good price.

You don't get what you pay for studying with Oephebia. If your serious about learning then you get so, so, so much more than she charges xxx
Carmelina Sarro

I have had an interest in the tarot for many years but could never find a course that was right for me. Most were too short and felt like a quick fix, and all were taught in large groups. So when I found Oephebia, her approach was a breath of fresh air. From the outset the course inspired and challenged me, and from week one I was hooked.

I can honestly say that the ten months that I spent studying the tarot with Oephebia have been life changing. Her depth of knowledge and generosity in sharing years of wisdom made this course something special, and it definitely surpassed my expectations.

Oephebia is a natural teacher and I personally really appreciated the creative way in which she structured the course. Lessons were full of encouragement and good humour, and were followed up with comprehensive printed information and worksheets.

Like most things in life, the more that you put into this course, the more you will gain from it. Having completed it, I am left feeling grateful for what I have learned, and also well aware that I have only taken the first steps on a truly magical journey.

If you feel inspired to do the same, I could not recommend Oephebia more highly as your guide.
Amanda Morrison

I was given a tarot deck years ago and when I first went to see Oephebia for a reading she also told me she was teaching.

As I was going through a lots of changes in my life, I thought it was maybe the time to use my tarot deck and start learning!

It was a nice 6 months journey although challenging at times, but I have enjoyed learning the tarot and also about myself.

Oephebia is a great supportive teacher who is going the extra mile, and she made the lessons fun!! We had loads of laughter.

Thank you Oephebia.

Love and Light
Lydie LeChevance

The tarot has always awakened in me two great curiosities.

The first one is the power to analyse the present to be able to plan the future and the second one, are all the meanings and symbols they have.

On those aspects, we can find mythologies and the different connections with other arts such as numerology and astrology. In truth, it is an art that can help us to understand ourselves and our surroundings.

In order to explain that, a person requires the knowledge and the passion for what they teach and without a doubt, Oephebia has been for me the person indicated for the beginning of a new adventure that never ends.

She not only puts her heart into her teachings, she is also a person who demands discipline and respect for the art that she has cultivated with so much love and care.

I do not hesitate to recommend her if someone wants to go beyond a simple tarot reading.

Thank you very much Oephebia for having been the gateway to this fascinating new world.
Claudio Vergara

I am glad to have Oephebia as my teacher. She opens my horizon about what Tarot truly is. The visualisations also helps me a lot to understand the Tarot’s world.
Oephebia is a generous teacher who share a lot of deep knowledge. The way we do the course is full of fun though serious, and lovely. Although I am not going to be a pro, this will enrich my soul journey. Thank you Oephebia!
Cecilia Cynthia

Dear Oephebia, I just wanted to thank you so much for my year of lessons. I had no idea that there was so much to learn with the Tarot. I have found it totally absorbing and your knowledge quite awe inspiring. You have been a very patient and interesting teacher. I will definitely come back to be tested on my progression!
With best regards.
Vanessa Reeves

I have recently completed a Tarot course, which I was privileged to do with Oephebia. I recommend her without a moment hesitation to anyone who genuinely wishes to learn Tarot. I believe the best teachers are those who have a deep love of their subject and can inspire their pupil with that same love.

When Oephebia teaches, you, her pupil, are the only one who matters. She teaches with love and with kindness, with constant encouragement. She explains with patience anything you do not understand no matter how many times she has to do so. If you sincerely want to learn the Tarot - and you want a teacher who will inspire you and encourage you every step of the way - Oephebia is for you.
Anthea Homer

I am so glad that I came across Oephebia's Tarot Awakening course. I was looking for a tarot course, but taking a course through a school seemed rather clinical, and the courses seemed too short and impersonal to get a real insight into the cards. Oephebia's Awakening Tarot Course is completely different. A one to one, personally tailored course which gives a huge amount of insight and guided practise with the tarot.

As a teacher and person Oephebia is warm, energetic, friendly, insightful and incredibly wise. She lives and breathes the tarot, and her understanding of and ability to find the meanings in the cards is beyond any explanation you will find on the internet or in books. She has a vast knowledge of the cards and their applications and the course focuses on developing the same ability within her students.

The lessons, visualisations and exercises in the course encourage an in-depth, explorative, personal and intuitive understanding of the cards themselves, and through daily practise one develops a deep and meaningful insight and intuitive understanding of the depth and breadth of the cards.

The spreads and readings practiced and applied throughout the course give an excellent example of how vast the messages from the cards can be, from the everyday, even mundane events of our lives to a reflection of our deepest psyche and behaviour. Oephebia encourages a love and respect for the tarot and I will take that away with me on my own journey with my new 78 lifelong friends.

As much a personal awakening and spiritual journey as a learning experience, I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to deepen their own spiritual journey and lifelong relationship with the cards.

For me, this course was life changing on so many levels, I couldn't recommend it highly enough. Be the fool and take the leap, you won't regret it!
Ali MacLean

I just finished the course and all I can say is that it has been a truly enjoyable experience. Oephebia is an amazing talented teacher and knows how to make studying the world of the tarot in an inspiring and fun way, with visualisations and an extensive knowledge of symbolism and mythology behind the cards.

The lessons were fun and easy to follow with exercises to do at home that can be fitted in a busy schedule if you work full time. I recommend seeing her if you want to learn more about the tarot and yourself, she is such a lovely person and I will never forget this special experience!

Thank you Oephebia!
Elena Spinelli

On just completing modules one and two of Oephebia's Awakening Tarot course, I feel a great sense of achievement, at first it seemed like there was so much to learn and wondered if my mind would be able to grasp the complexity of all seventy eight cards.

From the first class, Oephebia instilled a confidence and an excitement that soon becomes a hunger love and obsession for the cards that I know will be with me forever.

Oephebia opened a door to the beautiful and enriching world of the tarot enabling me to use this as a life tool for my own spiritual growth and those around me.
The meditations on the cards ensure that the essence of the tarot is always within reach.

I feel I have begun one of the most exciting journeys of my life, my only regret is that I didn't start this journey earlier.
Matthew Kelly

Firstly many thanks to you for the kind person you are. I found the course very useful and I have improved my skills reading the cards. Now thanks to you, I am able to understand every card and their meaning. You were right when you said to me that to learn the cards properly, it takes time and patience!

Again thanks to you, I have learned a lot and I really enjoyed your teaching, very accurate. You have explained in a clear fashion everything regarding the cards. You are a fantastic teacher. I would recommend to anyone to enrol to a tarot course with such a professional teacher.

All my appreciation
Fabio Ruvio

I had the pleasure of studying tarot cards with Oephebia for over a year. During this time Oephebia taught me to look beyond the cards and develop a more in depth spiritual awareness.

Oephebia is a natural teacher and remains a good friend and inspiring mentor after the studies concluded.

I would highly recommend for those that want to develop their skills in tarot to undertake Oephebia's structured and informative course.
Michelle Brewer

Before taking Oephebia's tarot course, I tried to learn the tarot by reading books, learning spreads on my own and I was always frustrated!

After taking her course, I feel more at ease and my intuition has improved!

I love using the tarot for self-improvement and what the future holds for me. If there is an outcome of a reading that I do not like, I know I can change it by free will! I have learned so much from the course and it is helping me guide in my life!

Oephebia has helped me to view tarot as a lifetime friend, whenever going through challenges or success. Thanks so much Oephebia!!
Ann Tran

I had always wanted to read the tarot cards, but it took of lot of searching before I found Oephebia.

I had been aware since childhood that I had this insight or whatever people like to call it, but never knowing how to control or understand it.

I had been to other so called tutors which just confused me even more, then I found Oephebia by chance, but of course it was not because it was meant to be.

Oephebia as a teacher is unique and has helped me in many ways both personally and professionally, her teaching is simply thoroughly enjoyable and left me after each lesson wanting more.

She has given me the confidence to believe in myself, and for this I am truly grateful.
Dee Wilson

I enjoyed Oephebia's tarot course and method of teaching a great deal and discovered how to better understand the cards and how to read them.

Oephebia is a very knowledgeable and talented reader and her years of tarot reading and teaching has given her a well-rounded understanding of human nature and the trials and tribulations that we all go through in life.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning more about themselves and how to intuit the influences that shape theirs and other people's lives.

It was certainly an awakening experience for me as well as being a hugely enlightening one.
Marc Tammik

I have now attended the full Tarot Awakening course with Oephebia. It has certainly been a wonderful experience, of the most significant of my life and that will follow me forever.

Oephebia's knowledge of the Tarot is far beyond anyone I know. She is not only knowledgeable on the cards and their meaning but also their connection with Astrology, Mythology, Numerology, and History!

The course is perfectly planned, the material is outstanding and she is just a pleasure to be with, so much so that I was sad the course was coming to an end.

She follows you through the course and holds you hand while challenging you to push further than you think you can.

I would advise this course to anyone serious about wanting to know and experience the Tarot.
F. Vlemmiks

I tried to teach myself Tarot for years and thought I knew quite a bit but once I started Oephebia's course I realised how little knowledge I had.

I now feel confident that I can start doing readings. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel like I have also been on a self- development journey with the cards.

Although I was working intuitively before, I now feel that I understand more thoroughly other aspects of the cards such as the colours and their meanings, symbolism, mythology and my intuition seems to go a lot deeper now.

The one-to one tuition has been so valuable for me and Oephebia is an amazing teacher with vast knowledge and wisdom.
Michelle Corrigan

After years of independent study it was refreshing to finally meet a genuinely unique and gifted teacher as Oephebia.

I was guided to look at the bigger picture which opened me up to a whole new way of interpreting the cards. I was amazed and absolutely loved the course. I was pleased with the way the lessons are taught in modules which allowed me time to integrate what I had learned.

The course itself combined Mythology, Astrology, Numerology, Colour interpretation, Symbolism and Visualisation which really boosted my confidence and understanding of the cards immensely, along with many practice readings for fun, a bonus!

The notes provided are very informative and are great to refer back to from time to time.

Oephebia is very knowledgeable and talented in her field. She is very thorough in her teaching and extremely supportive and helpful when things got a bit confusing.

My development has far exceeded my expectations, and I have certainly learned a great deal more than I ever would have by just reading books.

I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to gain an in-depth understanding of the Tarot.
Tanya Brown

I have completed a number of Tarot courses over the years, starting with the "Teach yourself" type of books and then moving on to the more advanced sort of courses, most of which turned out to be anything but and were a complete waste of time and money. I kept looking though and while surfing the net I came across Oephebia's website and got in touch.

Tarot, being such a deeply complex and mysterious subject, needs this intense type of one-to-one teaching if one can hope to acquire a certain degree of mastery. There is no substitute for this. All aspects of the Cards are dealt with in great depth and the course covers a wide variety of spreads as well as touching on the related skills of Astrology and Numerology. There are also the notes accompanying each lesson which one can refer back to, time and time again.

Working with someone whose understanding of her Art seems boundless, turned this course into an exciting and fulfilling experience for me, one I wouldn't have missed. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Oephebia.
Céline Andrews

I completed the Tarot Course with Oephebia in March 2003 and enjoyed it very much. I liked the fact that it was on a one to one basis.

Oephebia pushed me in a way so that I learned to open my mind and horizons. The visualisation after every session/card helped me to understand the essence of the cards better.

This course goes beyond just learning about the cards, I learnt about the meaning of colours, symbolism, Egyptian and Greek mythology, which I found very interesting.

I got to know my shadow side and recognised the patterns I were in and how to get through it. It was definitively a self-development course for me.

I really appreciated all the help Oephebia offered me.

In all it was a brilliant course to help me on my spiritual path.
Ruth Erbertz