Tarot Visualisations

Tarot Visualisations by Oephebia

If you already know the basics of the cards or want to understand the cards on a deeper level, these tarot visualisations will allow you to enter the cards and to interact with the people and animals depicted on the cards.

You will need to be comfortable and familiar with visualisations to take full advantage of them. There is plenty of information online regarding visualisation.

These tarot visualisations are written by Oephebia and are in a pdf format. You could just record them on a recording device and dive in an out the mysterious world of Tarot.

Please note that visualisations are safe, so no hairy monsters will be encountered in the Devil card, and no zombies in the Death card!

Tarot Visualisation

Tarot Visualisations

Twenty six written Tarot visualisations (Pdf format) to help you deepen your connection with the Tarot (both major and minor arcana).

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On receipt of your payment an email containing the Pdf file will be sent to you.