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1. Oephebia complies with the requirements set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.
2. All students of the Awakening Tarot correspondence course will receive, in exchange for payment of the appropriate fees, module I and module II. If the course is required on CD, it should be delivered within a period of one week maximum.
3. I will mark work sent from individual students who are enrolled on the Awakening Tarot Course and will provide a report of the work submitted. Further exercises will be provided if marked work demonstrates a need for it.
4. Comments made by me in students' reports are not to be taken as general comments relating to the work of any student, but precisely to each individual piece of work marked.
5. Marked work will be returned to students as quickly as possible; however I make no guarantee to return work within a specific time frame. In the vast majority of cases work will be returned within a few days (up to 10 days) from the date of its receipt, either by email or snail mail.
6. Marking standards are based on years of experience of teaching the Tarot. Comments are given in good faith. I disclaim liability for any comments which subsequently are proved to be inaccurate assessments.
7. Use of the email system is entirely at the discretion of each student. I reserve the right to withdraw support via email if students abuse its use and send emails for support outside the aim of the Awakening Tarot course.
8. A student may quit the course at any time; however it is expected that the student sends a letter or email to me explaining that he or she is quitting the course
9. No guarantee is made that students will pass their examinations and no part of the fees (either course fees or examination entry fees) will be refunded should a student fail an examination.
10. All the materials provided as part of the Awakening Tarot Course are strictly copyright and should not be reproduced in any form or by any means (including printing, photocopying, digital reproduction and manual copying) without expressed written permission from Oephebia.
11. I disclaim liability for the effects produced by any viruses on CD or via emails. As far as I am aware there are no viruses contained on CD or email attachments sent from me. I intend to keep all course material and subsequent electronic correspondence virus-free.
12. Please note that the Awakening Tarot correspondence course fees are non-refundable, as you have the opportunity to try the course first by downloading lesson 1 free.
13. Regarding selling of goods, the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 give consumers the right to change their mind and cancel an order within seven workings days. If you decide to cancel, you should put this in writing; by letter (a proof of postage certificate or even recorded delivery is advisable). Telephone calls or emails will not be sufficient to cancel.
14. The CD containing the Awakening Tarot Course is not considered as goods. Consequently, the Distance Selling Regulations 2000, or the cooling-off period does not apply
15. Oephebia respects your right to privacy. None of the information collected about you is passed on to other parties, except when required as part of the business service Oephebia provides for you.
16. Oephebia will only collect your details when you place an order. These details will include your name and address, email address etc in order to complete and fulfil your order.
17. Your submission of an order is deemed to be your consent to provide Oephebia with your details.
18. Oephebia will strictly follow security procedures regarding the storage and disclosure of information which you have provided to prevent unauthorised access in accordance with the UK data protection act.
19. This site allows you to purchase services or goods by using Credit cards. To ensure strict security and privacy, all credit cards transactions are made via PayPal's secure server and encrypted for security. Your credit card details will not be made known to Oephebia during credit card transactions.
20. Telephone readings are given in confidence. Your name and address will be collected prior to the reading in order to send you your CD (if required). The CD recording of your reading will be send by ordinary Royal Mail within seven working days of your reading taking place.
21. After agreeing a mutual date and time by email for your telephone reading, you will have 24 hours to purchase your reading using this website. Failure to do so will result of your allocated appointment to be released again to the general public.
22. On the agreed date and time, you will telephone me to conduct the reading.
23. People outside the UK are welcome to order a reading. However the telephone call will be at your charge. In other words, if you reside outside the UK, you will have to phone me at the agreed date and time (GMT time or UK time) for your reading. Failure to do so will result in a lost appointment and no refund will be given.
24. Readings can be conducted in two languages: English or French.
25. Readings are given as guidance and not restricted or limited to a predictive nature. Tarot telephone reading with Oephebia is designed to help you to fulfil your own potential and to empower you in order to live a more satisfying life.
26. Please note that in the unfortunate event of you canceling the reading after purchasing it, I reserve the rights to give you a refund minus cancellation fee (50%) within 30 days.
Your consumer statutory rights are not affected by any of these terms and conditions.
By confirming your order with Oephebia, you have agreed to the above terms and conditions.