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When you have a reading with me, you will find friendly and impartial guidance coupled with a down to earth approach (see testimonials) to help you see new insights into problems or worries, or simply to help you to reveal your true potential.
I provide Tarot readings using clairvoyance (the ability to "see" things), clairaudience (the ability to "hear" inwardly, information relating to one's past, present or future) and clairsentience (the ability to feel moods and the imprint of a situation).
A private in depth Tarot session will start with a general reading in a relaxed atmosphere progressing onto an in-depth focus which will show you where the potential blockages or roots of the problem may lay.
Tarot consultation should be seen as a guidance only and help towards life at its full potential!
Private Readings (in person) are held at my home in South London UK (Nearest Underground station: Clapham North - Northern Line) Monday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm by appointment only.
You have the choice of three options for a reading:
Basic Reading Provides a brief glance into your life and the influences that affect you at this time. 30 mins £40 £10
Normal Reading A more intense and deeper analysis relating to issues concerning you in your life. 60 mins £70 £10
In Depth Reading The same as above with supporting delineations, in other words, different spreads for finding answers to problems or serious areas of concern. You will be able to ask as many questions as you wish regarding specific areas. You can also bring photos of people which I can give more information. 90 mins £75 £15
I have regrettably, introduced a booking fee system as some people booked appointments but did not show up and/or did not bother to cancel, wasting valuable time that could have been used to do readings for other people.

In order to secure your appointment, a booking fee (non refundable if you cancel your appointment), must be prepaid.

● Unfortunately, I do not accept payment by credit/debit cards or cheques for private readings.
Please note that readings are given in the strictest confidence and are recorded onto CD for referral at your convenience.
And please bear in mind that if you are late, 15 minutes or more, for your appointment you will not be able to be seen by me as usually I have a tight schedule. Thank you for your understanding.
Readings are for entertainment and general guidance purposes only.
All decisions are the clients own personal responsibility and free will.
Tarot Readings Telephone Tarot Readings Corporate Entertainment Tarot Parties