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Awakening Tarot Course Testimonials
Q: What is the Tarot?
A: A typical Tarot pack is a set of seventy eight pictures richly coloured and depicting scenes full of symbolism. It is with this symbolism which represents the Mind (conscious) and the Spirit (unconscious) we interpret from more obvious to more subtle meanings.
Q: Who should enrol to the Awakening Tarot course?
A: The Awakening Tarot course is suitable for both people with no previous experience of the Tarot who want to learn about this fascinating subject and for people who have knowledge of the cards, this course will deepen their understanding of the Tarot.
Q: Do I need psychic abilities to be able to read the Tarot and learn the cards?
A: We all have psychic abilities to a greater or lesser extend; intuition is part of our psychic awareness, no matter our gender, race or belief system. Some people are more attuned with their intuition and therefore the course will sharpen their psychic abilities. Other people do not use their intuition and the Awakening Tarot course will help awaken their dormant abilities
Q: How long will the course last?
A: This course is flexible in a sense that you can study at your own pace and on your own time. The course should be completed within six months (one lesson per week), from date of enrolment. After this date, you can re-enrol again to finish the course (after paying the appropriate fee).
Q: Is it an in-depth course?
A: The Awakening Tarot course has been designed over a period of two years and covers a extensive range of subjects from mythology, symbolism, Astrology and Numerology. Symbols found in each card are explained together with visualisations, key words, meanings and divinatory meanings. Each lesson has exercises to submit either by email or snail mail for marking and correction. You will need an open mind and time to understand, meditate, interpret the cards and develop your inner wisdom.
The Awakening course is certainly not a "superficial" course and you will need willingness, passion and dedication in order to achieve the standard of certification.
Q: Will I be a professional Tarot reader after finishing the course?
A: One is considered a professional Tarot reader after successfully read with accuracy for at least one hundred people.
However this course is a solid foundation to help you to undertake the professional route.
My advice is practice as often as you can to refine your skills and develop your intuition!
Q: I just want to know the cards and read for my friends, is this course suitable for me?
A: The Tarot goes well beyond the fortune telling aspect as this course is also a tool for self-development. Among other things, you will learn a lot about yourself, your attitudes to life etc. At the end of the course, you will be able to read from simple layouts to more advanced layouts and provide help for yourself, friends and family.
If you just want to know quickly the meaning of the cards, then this course is not recommended. I will suggest that you invest in Tarot books and learn from them.
Q: Can I use any Tarot pack for this course?
A: This course has been developed with the Rider Waite Tarot pack in mind, as it is widely used in the English speaking world and therefore easy to purchase from any outlets. My choice for the Rider Waite also resides in its simplicity: the drawing is neutral on both the major and minor arcana, the emphasis being on the symbolism and mythology rather than on the artistic or aesthetic aspect of the cards.
Q: What is visualisation?
A: Visualisation is a simple technique helping you to develop your intuition. Each major arcanum contains a visualisation written by myself which will enable you to meet the people from the cards and interact with them in order for you to understand the essence of each card.
With this technique, you will be able to understand with your own feelings, intuition and sensation what the cards means to you on a deeper level.
Q: How often can I contact you for support?
A: You are welcome to email me or phone me for support when needed.
Q: What will happen if I cannot get on with the course?
A: Although, I have never had a case, you will have to email me or phone me to explain your difficulties and I will try to help by giving you extra exercises. The enrolment fee for private tuition will not be reimbursed.
Awakening Tarot Course Testimonials