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The Tarot is a fascinating subject and its application goes far beyond the aspect of fortune telling.
My passion for the Tarot led me to realise that it can also be a powerful tool for self-development. The symbolism of the cards has the potency to help connect our conscious self with the unconscious and higher self.
To learn how to unravel the magical world of the Tarot, you will begin a journey of self-discovery where you will encounter myths and legends from the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Norse and more. Astrological connections will be studied and Numerology and its application with the cards will give you a fascinating insight into an unknown world. This will provide keys in order to help you to open your unconscious and develop your intuition in a new way.
No prior knowledge of the Tarot is necessary to enrol. If you already know the cards, the course will help you to deepen your knowledge.
The course offers a comprehensive study of the Tarot using guided visualisations for each Major Arcanum and the four suits of Minor Arcana.
You will enter the real world of the Tarot by studying:
Module I: (13 lessons)
A Brief History of the Tarot
The Major Arcana:
  Symbolism & meanings
  Divinatory meanings
  Reversed meanings
  Guided visualisations
Reading techniques using fundamental layouts such as:
  Daily card
  Daily energy
  Mind, Body & Spirit
Module II: (9 lessons)
The Minor Arcana:
  Symbolism & meanings
  Divinatory meanings
  Reversed meanings
  Guided visualisations for each suit
Tarot and Astrological connections
Tarot and Numerological connections.
More complex spreads that include:
  Celtic Cross
  Astrological Wheel
  Past Present Future
Each lesson contains a series of exercises which are aimed at developing your intuition, your sense of observation and of course, your knowledge of the cards. It is very important that you do your exercises on a regular basis for you to become comfortable with the cards and in gaining confidence and wisdom.
On average each lesson and their subsequent exercises will take between 1 to 3 hours per week to complete.
I encourage you to widen your perception of the Tarot by any means available (be it the internet, libraries or anything else), in addition to this course.
You will need the Rider Waite tarot pack Universal or Original) and a notebook.
Tarot packs can be purchased from any good esoteric outlet.
The Awakening Tarot course is a private tuition course (either face to face or, on Skype or a combination of both by arrangement).
Private Tuition Testimonials